Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories is a 10-week project aimed at KS2. Working alongside a storyteller and a visual artist the children will work together to learn and re-tell traditional stories, both orally & visually.

Storytelling is a valuable tool for developing confidence and communication skills, and whilst children have plenty of opportunities to write stories in schools, there is less emphasis on children telling stories. Stories can connect us to our communities, to each other and to ourselves.Originally subsidised in 2005 by the London Borough of Westminster Excellence in Cities Programme in a bid to promote Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the classroom, Bedtime Stories was created for primary schools by international storyteller and children’s author Jan Blake, supported by visual artist Madalena Lua Magalhaes.Driven by her commitment to give children from diverse communities the opportunity to experience themselves as storytellers, Jan's emphasis is primarily on the importance of oral storytelling and demonstrating how crafting & storytelling have always been inextricably linked.Storytelling can provide:
• A context for critical thinking and discussion on issues of importance
• A love of literature through exposure to familiar story forms
• A community of shared enquiry and experience
• An awareness of our multicultural heritage of stories and books.
• A stimulus to imagination, to verbal and visual creativity
• A contribution to knowledge about language. its form and uses
• An opportunity to practise active listening and speaking skills
• Opportunities for deeper family & intergenerational connection

Alongside the benefits provided by developing the art of oral storytelling, the embroidery & crafting aspect of Bedtime Stories can contribute to important life skills including:Creativity and Imagination
Confidence and Independence
Fine Motor Skills
Problem Solving
Hand-Eye Coordination
Social Skills
Bedtime Stories became a London wide project, touching the lives of children & parents, resulting in some stunning pieces of work. The project is now also available to schools within the Manchester area and has been developed for children in year 5.Schedule: 12 x half day visits per class
Cost: £4000
All crafting resources provided.
Should the school require, this project can include a post project CPD for all school staff. The after-school session outlines the project, demonstrates storytelling and embroidery techniques and gives opportunity for class teacher reporting & feedback.

Bedtime Stories is not limited to schools, and is available to wider community based projects.
Would you like to book Bedtime Stories for your school or community project?

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